Saturday, February 19, 2011

neda agha soltan (18 +) graphic content

video tentang kematian neda nih kecoh suatu ketika dahulu. ni videonya..

p/s: klik kat "nega agha soltan shot in iran" nanti dia terus direct ke dailymotion


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tapi, ada yg kata video ni fake..

1-The woman have been laid on the ground few feet away from a big blood spot, like if she was lying there then they decided to move her few feet.
the question is why ? why move an injured person few feet? or is it from the previous attempt to act the scene ?!!!
And if there's so much blood on the floor why there's so little on her pants?

2- A gunshot wound to the chest would have killed her or left her unconscious. Yet she keeps looking not at the people she "knows". She looks at the cameraman And at the beginning of the clip the man in white just had a quick look at the camera (to verify if he started filming) while he laid the girl .And if she was shot in the chest why the men have their hands on her neck ?

3- Look at the people on the street. Do they look like someone is firing shots in there direction? NO.

4- Why there are so many hands near her face ? and it's if one of the hands have pushed one of the cheeks before the blood start gushing from the mouth and something with a tip is visible on her left.

5- Why in the video her face becomes fully covered with blood just after the cameraman decided to go behind the man in white shirt for few seconds and thus hiding neda's face! how convenient.

6- Why would she bleed out of nose or mouth if it's a heartshot or even a chest shot? and after having lost so much blood on the floor?

7- Why the 2 versions of the video are different ??!??!?
In the Video 1 : it's very obvious that it's fake and acting while in the video 2, it seems that the girl was killed , probably eliminated by whoever planned the plot.

now have a look at both videos.


ni hujah org yg ckp vid ni fake ler..yg pasti saya tatau la fake ke tidak..