Friday, February 11, 2011

pelakon tertembak mati

"An actor playing a masked assassin was shot dead by a security guard on a British film being made in the Philippines after being mistaken for a real-life killer.

Kirk Abella was filming an action scene in which he plays an assassin taking part in a drive-by shooting.

As the cameras rolled on the film set, a security guard who claims he was unaware of the film stumbled into the action.

Believing he was chasing after two real-life robbers, Eddie Cuizon opened fire with his handgun fatally wounding 32-year-old Abella in the back.

The 51-year-old later told police he wasn't aware a film was being made and had been told by villagers about gunmen roaming the street.

Many assassinations of political figures take place by masked killers who use a motorbike for a fast getaway.

The tragedy took place in the city of Cebu, central Philippines."

aiyarkk macam2 la dunia ini..

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